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Dedicated offers

Our services encompass filing patent applications filings, negotiating license agreements, designing IP strategies, estimating and increasing value of IP assets.
Our clients are pharmaceutical companies, universities, research institutes, and start-up in biotech/chemistry/medical device.

Creating Patent Portfolio

  • Filing of Patent applications: we advise our innovative and creative clients on the strategies of patent applications: what can be protected? How circumvent the rival patents? What is the best strategy of protection? We have a good command in drafting patents which allow our clients to obtain strong patents with high values.
  • Filing of Design Patent Application: we also support our clients for the filing and registration of Design Patents, via our network of specialized representatives.
  • Patentability opinions: consist in verifying whether an invention is new, inventive and likely to find an industrial application. We perform research in professional databases, including research on sequences and chemical molecules. Our conclusions enable to better understand the innovative aspects of the project in order to maximize strategies of protection.
  • Defense and management of Patent Portfolios: we may propose several tips for managing at best a patent portfolio: for example, speeding-up prosecutions in order to obtain granted patent in shorter time limits, build a defensive fence around a breakthrough technology, make platform patents, manage costs etc.
  • Registration of Supplementary Protection Certificates: we often file supplementary protection certificates for our client, and check patent expiration dates. A supplementary protection certificate (SPC) is a specific IP right that provides an additional up-to-five years extension of patent duration. This type of right is available for various regulated, biologically active agents, namely human or veterinary medicaments and plant protection products.

Patents, Competition and Infringements

  • Freedom-to-use and risk management: our Freedom-to-use opinions enable our clients to be informed on potential risks of infringements by their patent products in regards to others. These information and our advices enhance the implementation of efficient strategies to limit or avoid any risk.
  • Competition and Intellectual Property: we offer services of technological watch or rival patent watch of competitive companies or of specific inventors with whom collaborations might be set up.



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